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PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk is a large-scale gunfight type game that is very popular all over the world. Players can create characters for free in the game, choose character shapes and clothing, etc.; the game has a variety of map modes to choose from, including desert maps, island maps, etc. Map; when the player chooses the desert map, they can choose Z city, R city, L city, prison, ruins, airport, hospital, P port, Y city, M city, school, nuclear power plant, bomb shelter, N port, nuclear power plant, school , G port and other important material locations to parachute and land; the choice of each resource point is also very important. When you choose a good resource point to land at the beginning, you can collect important materials. For early survival, killing the head is important;

There are basically more than 100 players participating in the fierce gunfights in each game. These play a big role in the battle; at the same time, teamwork in the game is also very important. There are fire cover, charge, snipers, etc. The tacit cooperation with teammates is also one of the important factors to win the final victory. . At the same time, pay attention to the appearance of the planes that drop materials. You can follow the planes to find the airdrop points, and you can get rare weapons and supplies.

PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk Weapons and Equipment Collection Details:

UMP9 firearms are more likely to be found in various towns and cities;

UZI and Victor firearms are more common and can be seen everywhere;

M16A4 and AKM firearms are more common in big cities such as St. Martin and the Lion City

Weapons and equipment such as M249, MK14, GROZA, AUG, M24, and AWM are relatively rare, and can only be grabbed when airdropping supplies;

SKS firearms can be found in Saint Martin, Well City, Mansion, Military Base, Pecado, S City, and Southern Mine with a high probability.

The chance of VSS refresh is very small, and few players collect it

98K firearms can be found in the bakery with a high probability

The mini14 generally appears in a larger range, but it is difficult to appear only in the wild countryside.

Each player can wear four kinds of weapons, namely 1 melee weapon (such as sickle, pan, etc.), 2 long-range firearms (rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, submachine gun), 1 pistol, throwing weapon (fragmentation) Grenades, smoke bombs, flash bombs; however, during combat, only one of the above weapons can be used.

Finally, I would like to share with you some precautions in the PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk game. Every few minutes after the start of the game, a poison circle will appear, and the poison circle will shrink randomly. You must always pay attention to the dynamics of the poison circle and escape to a safe area in time. , As the game goes on for a long time, the damage caused by each refreshed poison circle will be higher. You can find transportation at an appropriate time, such as motorcycles, cars, etc. It will be faster to drive and escape. Recently, editor also Playing Garena Free Fire Rampage Mod Apk  This game is also very similar to PUBG MOBILE, and the gameplay is relatively novel, it is worth recommending to everyone.

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